What are the benefits of RAL's lawn maintenance program?

Our services include...

Servicing San Diego County - License# 945756 - 1 (877) 323-5296
LIC# 945756

(619) 259-5553
Whether you are a new homeowner or simply want a great looking front and back yard, RAL can provide a fast, cost effective estimate to expedite any maintenance service.

Our experienced employees can handle any chaotic landscape and tune it up to appear more aesthetically pleasing.

We have the tools and the know-how to complete all lawn maintenance work professionally and in time. 
Same day estimate,
Same week service

Call to schedule your next lawn maintenance service with RAL
(619) 259-5553

Includes Fertilization Program
Free Nozzle Replacement
Free Minor Sprinkler Repair
Setup Recurring Billing (ACH or CC)
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